Births and Deaths – Real-time Infographic

This animated infographic depicts the real births and deaths on our planet earth in real-time. Each dot represents one human being. The simulation illustrates 1 birth every .24 seconds and one death every .57 seconds, or 360,000 births and 151,600 deaths per day.

By the way, you can knock the data around by clicking/touching them. Click on the settings gear to change the look or go full screen.

You can embed this on your own website by placing this line of html code on your web page:

<iframe name=”Births and Deaths – A real-time Interactive infographic by Nicolai Grut” src=”” height=”480″ width=”640″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

8 Responses to Births and Deaths – Real-time Infographic

  1. I thought it was great even before I realized it was interactive!

  2. Todd says:

    Oh man! This is the coolest!!!

  3. Rpc388 says:

    Doesn’t work in Firefox.

  4. Artbeaker says:

    Here are some stats on the stats…
    In the first 12 hours of this real time info-graphic being posted this page was visited 820 times by 777 people from 72 countries! Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll be back.

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