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About ArtBeaker

About ArtBeaker

Interactive art apps and web toys created by me, Nicolai. This will be a home for my graphic distractions and Interactive animation-centric apps (Google Play, Android, iPhone, iPad, Chrome, Amazon, Windows, Pokki, Tizen)
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Inklings - The face maker

Inklings - The face maker

Create thousands of unique faces with the Inklings app. Touch a nose for a new one, click on the eyes to change them. By touching the features on the face you can paint on new features and make a million faces (well, at least about 30,000.., I think)
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It Was Like That When I Got Here

It Was Like That When I Got Here

Now Free in the Google App Store! A chest of drawers full of fragile objects. Open it up and have a look around. Be's all breakable.
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Bulb Board Interactive Web Toy

Bulb Board Interactive Web Toy

Click around and create your own designs on this virtual light board
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From the Sun to Earth in Real Time

from the sun to earth - real-time infographicHow long does it take for light to reach you? Watch from the sun to the earth in real-time.


Births and Deaths – Live and Interactive

Live animated infographic of births and deaths
This animated infographic simulation represents the real time births and deaths on planet earth. Each dot represents one human being.

Interactive Dancing Skeletons

Interactive dancing skeletons online app

come and play with these skeletons online or download them for free to your Android device
Terpsicurvy Interactive Skeletons


The skeleton on the left will follow what you tell the one on the right to do, but if you stop interacting with it, stand still for too long or don’t vary your moves enough it will do it’s own thing after a while. The left skeleton can copy the moves of your skeleton but won’t always get the timing right. It will almost always be just slightly faster or slower than you. While this may seem like an unnecessary frustration, it keeps it feeling organic and allows for much more seemingly natural interactions between the two and ensures that the combinations are almost always ever so slightly different. Plus it then becomes surprisingly satisfying when they occasionally do occasionally sync up.

You can also just push play and let them both do their own thing if you prefer.

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It Was Like That – Now Available for Free!

It was like that - free interactove art app

It Was Like That (When I Got Here)

free app download“A Smashing App!” …is now available for all Android devices for free in the Play Store I’m working on the Apple ios version for iPhone and Ipad and I hope it will be available by the end of December.

…Or play with it online here

Cloud Painter

html5 animated cloud generator how to